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Smart Play Football Academy

We aim to create opportunities for boys and girls aged 4 and above to play football in a safe and enjoyable environment and to be part of an organised and ambitious club. We encourage our members to pursue their interests, develop their talents and fulfil their ambitions.

Aims & Objectives

Our objective is to stimulate a positive attitude in all our players and to partner with schools, volunteer groups and youth programmes to help engage constructively with young people.


Above all, Smart Play F.C & Academy wish to share our vision about the positive effect of football for the individual as well as the community.


We see ourselves as more than just a club but a platform for player to develop their social skills, self-esteem, confidence alongside their football ability.


Smart Play F.C

We are partnered up with a fantastic local team called “Princes Park Football Club”. This partnership allows us to move forward as a club competitively  and have three age groups playing football weekly under the Harrow Youth League.

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